You may have noticed that everything in this store is priced at 0 (zero) Euros. This is not a bug or a hoax. Like everyone else in the d.i.y. community I often find myself stuck when it comes to pricing art. On the one hand I don't want to exclude people on a tight budget but on the other hand I, like everyone else, have costs to cover. Most of it isn't even the actual material that goes into each product. It is cameras, film, chemicals, lab fees, archival material, hardware, software, backup service, storage space, shipping material and so on. At this point I haven't even paid my rent or a salary to myself. Here's the good news: I've been operating this way since 2012 and it has worked out so far, somehow. But I'm not really comfortable with it.

It's time to try something new. From now on I offer everything in this shop as pay-what-you-want until I run out of stock or materials. Bandcamp uses this feature for digital downloads, I'm going to apply it to physical products. No strings attached. No limited offer. Make up your mind, pay what you can and consider the fact that if you pay a little more, you enable another person access to art they might otherwise not be able to afford.